Austin, TX - March 14, 2021

Instructor Led Training

Includes all course content in digital format


What is FITCORE Mat?

FITCORE Mat is an innovative fitness fusion program that combines the best of Pilates mat-based exercises with body weight exercise and stretches for a total mind/body workout experience!

Pilates exercise can be confusing, and instructors often end up slowing it down and reducing the workout value. Additionally, traditional mat doesn’t include standing work and a chance to rev the heart rate up. We make it simple for teachers by providing a pre-programmed, balanced workout that has a high sweat factor. We give the instructor all the tools they need to keep students safe, moving, and smiling.

Course Includes:

  • A comprehensive online digital exercise library that details out the essentials for each Pilates exercise.
  • The downloadable workbook manual to take you through the steps of prepping to safely and effectively lead the class.
  • Teaching tips and choreography notes

Course Objectives:

The FITCORE Mat course prepares the certified fitness professional to lead pre-designed workouts for the healthy adult population. At the end of the course the instructor will be able to:

  • Follow the class format for the pre-designed workouts
  • List the 6 Pilates Principles and explain how they impact exercise
  • Describe 3 key points for each body position taught on the course.
  • Explain the Alignment Tools and how they impact precision.
  • Cue the core for maximum impact
  • Know how to teach the 10 base positions and variations used in Pilates
  • Correct for 3 main errors that can occur with each mat-based exercises.
  • Deliver the choreography for a Total Body Challenge to provide an exciting and effective workout

Instructor Led Training

1300 Northwood Rd. Austin, TX

Mar 14, 2021 10:00am - 4:30pm CDT

Available Course Credits

Peak Pilates

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. View the course content.
  3. Take the test. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
  4. Print your certificate of completion.

Course Content

Welcome To FITCORE Group Mat Specialty Certification
Introduction to FITCORE
FITCORE Mat Video Tutorials
FITCORE Mat Workout #1
Training Day
FITCORE Mat Practical Assessment

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